Oxford XII – VIII Jornadas SIAC

“Cielos Vivos” / “Living Skies” , astronomies, cultures and societies

October 31th to November 4th, 2022

Contact: oxfordxii@gmail.com

The “Oxford” conferences are the most important international meetings in the area of astronomy in culture. They originated in the meeting that took place in Oxford, England, in 1981. This meeting marked a turning point in this field of research, laying the methodological foundations of the interdisciplinary work of astronomy in culture and unifying criteria. The Oxford Conferences are promoted by the “International Society for Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in Culture” (ISAAC).

The present meeting will be the second Oxford conference held in South America and the first academic event held jointly by ISAAC and Sociedad Interamericana de Astronomía en la Cultura (SIAC). The event also has the support of the C4 Commission (World Heritage of Astronomy) and the C3 Commission (History of Astronomy) of Division C (Education, Outreach and Heritage) of the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

The five-day symposium will be the Oxford XII Conference and the VIII Jornadas Interamericanas de Astronomía en la Cultura. It will be preceded by the IX Escuela Interamericana de Astronomía en la Cultura (La Plata International School on Astronomy and Geophysics), a three-day school for young researchers, consisting of two series of short courses taught by specialists from around the world.

The title of the symposium, “Living skies”, indicates our central interest: to stimulate the study of the role of astronomy as an integral and significant part of the daily life of different human societies, and make people aware of the general relevance of astronomical knowledge. This title also aims to emphasize that astronomical systems and practices are not static: they change over time and are permanently in the process of construction. From this perspective, the symposium will seek to discuss mayor current issues for the professional astronomical community: world astronomical heritage, astronomical education and the link between astronomy and development. The analysis of theoretical and methodological problems also will be emphasized.

The symposium, following the tradition of the “Oxford” conferences, will have the format of a single session meeting, thus seeking exchange and debate among the various types of researches and approaches.